15 Benefits of a Balcony: How It Improves Your Life

Why a Balcony is a Must-Have, balcony NY

You may not have considered it before, but owning a home without a balcony is like having cake without the icing. Sure, you can still enjoy what’s there, but it’s just not quite as sweet. And while some might regard balconies as more of an extravagance than a necessity, we think otherwise. Everyone should be able to enjoy the beauty and fresh air provided by a balcony, so here are fifteen reasons why having one is an absolute must for your home. Enjoy!

1. Aesthetics

Aesthetics view

Balconies are a great way to spruce up any building and give it character. From classic antique balconies to modern, sleek designs, balconies add charm and appeal to any home or apartment. Make the most of your balcony by adding plants, furniture, or decorative elements for an eye-catching look. With the right design and care, balconies can truly be a sight.

2. Outdoor space, fresh air

Balcony with a mountain view

A balcony is a perfect spot to soak up natural sunlight and fresh air, even if you don’t have a garden or park nearby. Decorate your balcony with furniture and planters, or keep it simple – either way, it can be an oasis of calm where you can relax and take in the scenery. If you love nature but don’t have time for gardening or landscaping, a balcony is ideal for enjoying its beauty without all the hard work.

3. Additional living space

The balcony is giving an additional living space

A balcony is an ultimate way to boost your living space and lifestyle! Whether you want an al fresco dining setup, a cozy area for chill-out evenings, or even an outdoor office – it’s all grist for the mill.

With larger balconies, feel free to get creative and experiment with comfortable chairs and benches, stylish lighting, and lush plants to create an irresistible atmosphere. Not only will it look great, but you’ll get the added benefit of fresh air and natural light!

4. Improved quality of life

Improved quality of life with a balcony

A balcony can be a wonderful asset to any home, enhancing the quality of life for its occupants. It offers a peaceful refuge from the hustle and bustle of city living and provides an abundance of fresh air and natural light.

Balconies provide an inviting spot for hosting social gatherings with friends and family or simply taking in stunning views. They truly can be an incomparable addition to any property.

5. Property value

Balcony view increasing the property of value

Balconies can be a great asset to any property, increasing its value if they’re well-maintained and have a desirable view. When evaluating their impact on property values, the balcony’s size, condition, and location all play an important role.

If not properly maintained or with an unpleasant outlook, balconies may even reduce the worth of a property. This is especially true in locations that favor outdoor living spaces due to their temperate climate. A balcony can greatly enhance a property’s value when maintained properly and with an attractive view.

6. Natural light

Natural light from balcony

A balcony is an excellent way to add more natural light to a home or apartment, creating a brighter and more inviting atmosphere. Natural light provides a calming and relaxing effect within the space and can also increase your property’s value.

Additionally, plants placed on balconies will benefit from their exposure to sunlight, helping them flourish and grow.

7. Privacy

Potted tree give some privacy on the balcony

Balconies are a great way to create personal outdoor space for relaxation and provide privacy. To enhance this, screening or walls can be installed as well as plants to act as natural barriers against outsiders. For added security, consider installing locks or gates if the balcony is accessible to the public.

8. Entertaining

Comfortable balcony

A balcony can be a great space to entertain guests and make the most of the outdoor atmosphere. Create comfortable seating arrangements with chairs, cushions, tables, and additional lightings such as string lights or lanterns.

If you have a particularly stunning view from your balcony, use it as an entertainment centerpiece. Add additional features such as barbecues, outdoor kitchens, and fire pits to create a memorable experience. Finally, ensure you provide plenty of blankets and appropriate lighting for colder evenings.

9. Gardening

Garden on the balcony

Balcony gardening is a great way to enjoy the benefits of plants without having to own a yard. When choosing plants, consider how much sunlight is available and pick those that are easy to maintain. Ensure pots provide adequate drainage and can withstand wind or other elements. Be mindful of the weight of your pots and plants so as not to overload your balcony.

10. Exercise

20 years old woman doing yoga on the balcony

Exercising on your balcony can provide a refreshing and energizing experience. To ensure you get the most out of your workout, use the proper form for each exercise, wear comfortable clothing and shoes that offer support and cushioning, and make sure there’s enough space to move without obstacles or restrictions. If unsure how to perform an exercise correctly, research online or consult a personal trainer.

11. Drying laundry

Drying clothes on balcony

Hanging laundry on a balcony is an effective way to dry clothes when space is limited indoors. Be sure to check the weather and use windproof clotheslines, hangers, and clothespins to hang items outdoors securely. Additionally, try to provide some shade for fabrics damaged by direct sunlight. Regularly monitoring the drying process will help you ensure the best results.

12. Extra storage

Balcony using as an extra storage place

Balconies provide a convenient storage solution for items that don’t need to be kept inside the home. Bikes, sports equipment, and seasonal items like gardening tools can be stored easily in waterproof containers or outdoor cabinets. Before using a balcony for storage, it is important to check with your landlord, as most balconies are communal. Balcony storage is a great way to add extra storage space without taking up any floor space in the home.

13. Escape route

balcony with escape route

A balcony or fire escape can provide an effective escape route in an emergency. Taking necessary precautions when using such a route is important to increase safety and ensure the best possible outcome. This includes having someone knowledgeable accompany you if possible, as well as keeping a fire extinguisher and emergency kit within reach on the balcony in case of unexpected events. You can ensure your safety during an emergency escape with the right preparation.

14. Increased air circulation

Increased air circulation

Balconies can enhance air circulation in homes or apartments, helping to improve indoor air quality. Air is pulled into the room from outside, allowing natural sunlight to enter and reduce humidity levels. Opening windows on a balcony further aid in airflow throughout the house, reducing mold and mildew buildup and energy costs related to running cooling or heating systems. Fresh air provided by a balcony also benefits occupants’ well-being. Thus, balconies are an ideal way to regulate indoor air quality and reduce energy costs.

15. Increased square footage

Balcony increasing the apartment square footage

A balcony addition to a home or apartment can provide increased square footage, making the space more spacious and comfortable. Proper design and materials can create an inviting atmosphere that complements existing décor.

Not only does this additional living space add value to the residence over time, but it also provides a beautiful outdoor environment for relaxation or entertaining.

Additionally, it’s important to ensure the balcony is built safely and securely to local codes and regulations. Installing a balcony effectively maximizes available square footage and creates a pleasant outdoor space to enjoy.


Balconies can be a great asset to any home, providing extra space for recreation and entertaining and a potential emergency escape route. When choosing the right design, there are several factors to consider, including size, intended use, and maintenance requirements. With some thoughtful planning, balconies can be an invaluable part of your home that you can enjoy for years to come.

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