What Are The Best Beds For A Studio Apartment?

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Studio apartments are small compact spaces that can sometimes require your creativity so that your belongings fit without looking too cramped. You usually have no option but to be organized when it comes to the various household items and furniture you might have so that your living space remains habitable. One of the most important considerations, when you live in such a small space, is the type of bed to have since you don’t want one that takes up too much space.

What are the best beds for a studio apartment?

Best beds for a studio apartment
1.Murphy bed
2.Loft bed
3.Captain’s bed
4.Sofa sleeper
5.A storage bed
6.Convertible sofa-bunk bed
7.Underfloor bed
8.A twin bed
9.Canopy bed
10.Sleigh bed
11.Platform bed
12.Elevated bed
13.A trundle/truckle bed

There are a variety of beds that are ideal for small spaces such as studio apartments. A Murphy bed may look like a cabinet, but it can be folded down during bedtime, and when you wake up, you can store it vertically against the wall. A sleeper sofa is just as convenient since it can serve as a seating area during the day and a bed at night. You can also go for loft beds where you have a variety of options, or a twin bed if you don’t share a bed with anyone. If you have a roommate, a convertible sofa bunk bed will save you from having to share sleeping space.

When you live in a studio apartment, you never want your bed to take up too much space. In addition to limiting your movement and comfort, an oversized bed will also take up the space that you would have otherwise used for storage. Here are some of the best beds for a studio apartment.

Best beds for a studio apartment

1. Murphy bed

A Murphy bed, sometimes known as a wall bed, is well-known for its ability to fold up vertically against a wall when it is not in use, effectively clearing up floor space. When you want to sleep or lounge in bed, you can fold easily fold it down. Raising and lowering a Murphy bed is easy on your back due to the spring-loaded mechanisms that allow for easy opening and closing. These mechanisms are additionally counterbalanced to keep your bed from falling without warning.

You don’t have to worry about your bedding and pillows remaining in place when you close up a Murphy bed since it usually comes with a Velcro strap system that holds everything together when it is in a vertical position. Murphy beds are comfortable to sleep on since you don’t need any folding mattresses, and you have the option to use an appropriately sized coil-spring mattress of your own.

2. Loft bed

If you need some floor space, then a loft bed is the way to go. There are several different options when it comes to this type of bed:

  • Basic loft bed – This is basically an elevated bed that has nothing underneath it. This open space can serve as extra storage space or you can leave it empty to make your studio unit seem more spacious.
  • Twin over full loft bed – Just as the name suggests, a twin over a full loft bed comprises of a twin bed over a loft one. This type of bed is a great option if you have a roommate since it allows each one of you a separate sleeping area.
  • Study design loft bed – A study design loft bed comes with a loft platform where you can place your workstation beneath the bed. Some have shelves where you can store your school or work items while others come with a fully equipped built-in desk, shelving, and ample space for study/work.
  • Loft bed with dresser – This loft bed includes a sleeping area and a dresser beneath it which has shelves where you can store clothes and other belongings to save space.

3. Captain’s bed

If your sleeping area can barely fit a bed as well as a set of drawers, consider getting a Captain’s bed. This versatile bed can also be used as a storage unit and save you some much-needed space. They feature a frame with drawers underneath it where you can store your belongings and consequently achieve a neater sleeping area.

4. Sofa sleeper

If your studio apartment is particularly small, consider going for a sleeper sofa. You can keep this versatile piece of furniture in your living area and use it a sitting area during the day or when you have people over, and then simply sleep on the in-built mattress at night. There are many types of sofa sleepers to choose from, but make sure you go for one that is of high quality and has a comfortable mattress.

5. A storage bed

As the name suggests, a storage bed comes with space underneath it where you can store your clothes, shoes, and any other belongings you may have. The storage space is divided into compartments, and all you have to do to access them is to lift your mattress.

6. Convertible sofa-bunk bed

Sofa beds have become popular over the years with tenants trying to save space, but now you can have a sofa that can be used as a bunk bed as well. It has a ladder to help you get to the top bunk and it also incorporates a safety barrier system that keeps you secure even when you roll over in bed. This is a great option for tenants who live with a roommate.

7. Underfloor bed

Instead of having storage under your bed, why not have a bed that can slide under the floor? To achieve this, use a raised platform in your sleeping area and have the bed on casters set on wheels so that you can effortlessly roll your bed under the platform when it is not in use. You can use the platform as your home office or study area, which allows you to keep this space intact instead of having to constantly rearrange everything when you go to bed.

8. A twin bed

Instead of a full bed, opt to go for a twin bed. While you might be hesitant about it at first, this type of bed occupies less space, and you can put in one corner of the apartment and not have to worry about it overcrowding your small space. It is most comfortable when just one person is sleeping in it, but it is not hard for two people to squeeze in.

9. Canopy bed

A canopy may seem like an unlikely choice for a studio apartment, but it may just what you need. Due to its added height, a canopy bed automatically pulls your focus upwards and generally makes the ceiling seem higher and the room bigger. It also outlines the sleeping area in the same way that a well-done paint job or a strategically place artwork would do.

10. Sleigh bed

This is another unlikely pick for a studio unit, but it is perfect for when you need to fit your bed along the length of a wall. The stylish curled-over bed head and foot make a sleigh bed look intentionally placed, which in turn makes your living space feel extra cozy.

11. Platform bed

If the ceiling of your studio apartment is not high enough for a loft bed, consider getting a platform bed. This type of bed will make your room seem bigger since it is so close to the floor and doesn’t take up too much space.

12. Elevated bed

A regular bed usually takes up a lot of space that would otherwise be used as storage. An elevated bed is a great option since the bed is on a raised platform, leaving plenty of space underneath it for storage. When you lift the bed, the space under it is big enough for you to walk under it, so if you don’t mind a miniature closet beneath your bed, go for this type of bed.

13. A trundle/truckle bed

A trundle/truckle bed is a standard bed on wheels that can be rolled under a larger bed, sort of like an extension. This type of bed saves you plenty of floor space, and the extra bed can serve as a bed for a guest or a roommate.

Related Questions

What should I look for in a studio apartment?

  • Vertical space – You will want plenty of vertical space in a studio apartment since the horizontal space is going to be limited. When you have high ceilings, your apartment will automatically appear larger than it actually is and you’ll also have extra storage space.
  • Natural light – A brighter room always seems larger. Ensure that there are plenty of appropriately-sized windows facing the direction of sunlight in a studio unit.
  • Full-sized appliances – Just because a studio is small doesn’t mean the appliances should be mini-sized as well. Ensure that the refrigerator, stove, and any other appliances that may be provided are normal-sized.
  • Livable space – Although a studio apartment is small, you should feel comfortable enough to live in it. If the space feels too cramped for you, then you’re better off living in a larger apartment.

What is the cost of renting furniture for an apartment? The cost of renting furniture for a rental unit varies based on quality and location. A living set could cost you anywhere from $250-350 a month, while a bedroom set could set you back $100-250 per month.

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