Do Studio Apartments Have Washer and Dryers?

Do Studio Apartments Have Washer and Dryers

A studio apartment often combines the living room, bedroom, and kitchen into a single room. I have always wondered if both a dryer and washer can fit into a studio apartment. Which is exactly why I did a little research on this subject, This is what I came up with. 

Do studio apartments have washers and dryers? Well, a few of them do, but not always. Since studio apartments are small apartments which combine the living room, bedroom, and kitchen into a single room, finding the space for both a dryer and washer is often almost impossible.

However, we have many types of washers and dryers, some of which are very economical with space. There is, therefore, a chance that with proper planning of your studio apartment, there might just be enough space available to fit in your washer and your dryer. Therefore knowing how to achieve this can’t hurt at all. 

What Are Washers And Dryers? 

A washing machine, commonly known as a washer, is a device that cleans or washes laundry. You open it up, put your clothes in it, shut it, press a few buttons and voila! Your clothes will be automatically washed within a set duration. 

A clothes dryer is an appliance that works by removing any moisture from laundry, usually, after the laundry has been washed in a washer. 

How Do You Fit Your Washer And Your Dryer In A Studio Apartment? 

In order for both items to fit in a studio apartment, the living space has to be intricately planned, with absolutely no wastage of space. If space is large enough, there might be enough space left over after the allocation of various functions, enough to hold both of them. 

There are also washer-dryer combinations, which are popular among people living in smaller spaces especially in urban areas. This is because these washer-dryers often only need about half the space that separate machines would have normally taken. This is definitely the wiser acquisition to have in a studio apartment, rather than having a separate machine for washing and for drying your laundry. 

Should You Get A Washing Machine And Clothes Dryer For Your Studio Apartment?

There are several factors that you need to consider before getting these items. The most important ones include:

1. Budget

The average price of a washer is $400, while the average price of a dryer is $300. The average price of a combination washer dryer is $1000. Because not everyone finds these prices cheap, it is therefore important to know with a level of certainty that you really need a washing machine and dryer in your studio apartment before getting one. 

2. Safety

Some dryers have external air vents to let out moist air while drying laundry. The result of this, especially in a small room, is a build up of humidity which causes discomfort. However, most combination washers and dryers do not have these vents. Instead, they have drying systems which operate differently from ordinary stand-alone dryers. Washers and dryers both also have components that can create sparks, so they are capable of igniting any flammable gasses. This can lead to an explosion when the sparks come into contact with cooking gas, especially given the close proximity of the gas cylinder and the washing machine in a studio apartment. 

Related Questions 

How is indoor flooding caused by washing machines avoided? When a washing machine malfunctions, it can cause indoor flooding. One of the most common problems with washing machines is

faulty washing machine hoses. Indoor flooding can be avoided by installing a washing machine tray under the washing machine, making sure the supply hoses are in a good state and turning off water that goes to these supply hoses whenever the machine isn’t being used.

  • How much electricity do washers and dryers consume? A clothes washer consumes about 500 watts for 0.25 hours a day at $0.10 per kWh. A dryer consumes approximately 3000 watts for 0.25 hours a day at the same rates. It is clearly evident that washers and dryers consume a huge amount of electricity. The average monthly cost of using both a washing machine and dryer is approximately $10. This is a huge expense considering that the place of residence is a studio apartment. 
  • Is having a washing machine and dryer in a studio apartment necessary? Considering the amount of living space that having a washing machine and dryer will deprive you of, the various hazards associated with washing machines and dryers, especially in a small living space, and the electricity costs incurred in order to operate the machines, having these machines in a studio apartment isn’t really that necessary.

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