Do You Need a Special Table For a Sewing Machine?

A sewing table is a table designed specifically for sewing. They come in lots of different shapes and sizes, all customizable to suit your unique taste.

That said, most sewing enthusiasts simply use any surface that is readily available to them, such as kitchen tables and old repurposed coffee tables. However, if you want to truly take your sewing to the next level, consider getting a real sewing table.

Sewing tables have a better functionality than normal tables. Below are some of the reasons why having a sewing table for your sewing machine may be convenient. 

1. Perfect size

Sewing tables provide you with a perfect working size. They are specifically designed to meet your sewing needs. The tables are available at different sizes for you to choose based on your personal preferences. For many people, there isn’t enough space in their homes with all the home appliances and the furniture. Good sewing tables are designed to solve this problem. The tables are small enough to fit in your living space but large enough to provide you with a surface to work on. Sewing tables are designed based on the type of sewing machine being used and the height of the person using it.   

2. Dedicated working space

Having a sewing table means that you have space that is specifically meant for your craft. You don’t have to use the sewing table for any other purpose. Having to move your equipment from the kitchen and dining table to make room for food can be such a hustle. Sewing tables are designed specifically for sewing. This means that it has customized specs that are meant to help you work more comfortably and to complete your project without any stress.

3. Versatility

Sewing tables are also versatile when compared to normal tables. Most sewing tables are designed to be compact and easy to transport. Some models are even foldable. This makes it easy for you to move the table from one room to another. You can also fold the foldable models when not in use, allowing you to be economical with space. Since they are portable, you can use the table anywhere you feel comfortable working from. Apart from sewing, the tables can also be used for other purposes such as quilting, embroidering, among other activities related to sewing.

4. Organization

Having a sewing table helps you to be more organized. Since they are designed specifically for sewing and supporting the sewing machine, you can now sew in one part of the house instead of moving the machine all over the house. This helps to keep you organized. It minimizes risks such as you losing the designs of your project somewhere in the house. 

5. Storage

Having a place to store your sewing equipment is important. Having a place where you can access your equipment with ease while working on a project is even more convenient. Some sewing tables designed to do just that. They are built with storage compartments where you’ll be able to store your sewing accessories, unfinished projects, and patterns.

Sewing tables that come with built-in storage spaces are referred to as sewing cabinets. They come with drawers that allow you to store your sewing machine and sewing essentials in the same place. Some tables also come with baskets and trays and storage for the cutting mat. There is also storage for your threads and ribbons. The storage units are coordinated, and some designs have matching shelving and mini-cabinet units.

6. Stability

Sewing machines are quite heavy and they create vibrations. These vibrations are intense, especially when your project requires the machine to run at a high speed. In such conditions, the stability of your work surface really matters. Weak tables can easily fall apart under such conditions. Sewing tables are designed to be able to withstand the vibrations. They are stable and sturdy. With a sturdy table, you are able to sew comfortably and make precise patterns.    

7. Surface area

A sewing table also has a large surface area where you can settle your sewing machine. Sewing tables vary in surface area. The table you choose is dependent on the size of your project and your budget. If you intend to work on a project that will require you to use large pieces of material such curtains or clothes that are just as large, there are sewing tables available for that purpose. This allows you to work more comfortably compared to working on a surface whose surface area is limiting.

8. Pneumatic lift

High-end models of sewing tables feature a pneumatic lift. The pneumatic lift automatically adjusts the height of the sewing table. Some models recline when they are not in use. You can then adjust the table top to a height that you are comfortable with just the push of a button. Although you have to pay an extra dollar for a table that assembles all the components automatically, it is completely convenient and ergonomic.

9. Overall construction

Sewing tables are available in many different styles and designs. They are constructed using different materials and they also vary in color. Most durable and sturdy designs are made out of wood, metal, and particleboard. Some are even resistant to heat and scratch. This makes sewing tables very durable. They are also easy to clean and they are pleasing to look at. Some designs also have a lockable caster feet. This feature makes it possible for you to move the table with ease.

Final thoughts

Sewing tables are designed to improve the sewing experience of the user. They are much more convenient to work on with your machine compared to normal tables. They not only provide you with a comfortable surface to work on but they also provide you with sufficient storage space for all your sewing accessories.

It is, however, important to choose a table that best suits your needs. Above all else, the table you go for should be within your budget.

Melanie Asiba

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