How Do Professionals Clean Apartments?

Walking into a clean and fresh-smelling apartment at the end of a hard day is a very rewarding feeling. Sometimes, though, it can be difficult to get the cleaning done ourselves especially with busy schedules and other responsibilities. This is where professional cleaners come in. They make our jobs a little easier for us and get us that clean, fresh-smelling apartment that we all want.

At a convenient fee, a professional cleaner can deep clean your apartment for you. They are able to get more done in a day than you would have in a week. So how do they do it?

This article will explain everything you need to know about professional cleaners and what they do. It will also give you tips and tricks that you can adapt to your day to day cleaning of your apartment. Here are some of the things you can expect a professional cleaner to do for you:

Getting cleaning supplies

Before the cleaning process starts in your apartment, some supplies have to be procured. This aid in ensuring thorough cleanliness is carried out. Learning some of these supplies and what they are for may help you appreciate the effort that goes into cleaning your apartment. Some of the major supplies include;

Glass cleaner: This can be procured from the store or the natural ones made at home. Either way, they are meant to leave your window panes and glass tops shinny.

Furniture polish: These are creams, pastes, or even lotions that you can get from the store. They not only clean and give your wooden furniture a polished look but also protect it from outside elements and wood-eating insects.

Multipurpose cleaner: These are designed to be used for a variety of different cleaning tasks around the apartment. They not only clean but can be used as disinfectants, de-greasers or even detergents.

Granite cleaner: Most apartments nowadays are fitted with kitchen granite tops. This makes the apartment chic and attractive. However, these tops are some of the hardest places in the kitchen to remove stains.

Therefore most professional cleaners have this product on their item lists to ease their work.

Scrub pads: These are also known as scouring pad and maybe a combination of two materials both meant for different cleaning tasks. There is a metal mesh meant to scrub away dirt in metallic surfaces around the house. There is also a fabric side meant to clean off the scrubbed material.

Stainless steel cleaner: Once the dirt has been scrubbed away and cleaned, stainless steel surfaces around your apartment need that polished finish. These products are those used by the cleaners to do exactly that.

Floor cleaner: Floor cleaning may seem like a simple task requiring water and a mop. However, for professionals, a floor cleaner is an essential supply. The cleaner not only cleans different floor surfaces but also kills most germs and leaves the house with a fresh scent.

Bathroom cleaner: Bathrooms may be one of the dirty places in your apartment. Professional cleaning requires specific bathroom cleaning products to do the work effectively. These include different products meant to clean your bathroom tub, sink, and toilet as well.

Magic erasers: These products are cleaning wonders made from melamine foam. They are used as abrasive cleaners to remove stubborn stains without damaging the surface. The mechanism works as a two-way pronged attack on dirt and grime. The abrasive foam attacks the dirt while the foam absorbs it.

Microfiber mops: This is a mop meant for floors. Instead of the traditional cotton fabric, this mop is made of microfibers. They can be used on all types of floors. The microfibers are extremely absorbent and so do not leave any streaks behind.

Microfiber pads: They are similar to the mops but these are used on surfaces.

Dust mop: Before the cleaning starts, most professional cleaners prefer dusting the house. This item comes in handy when mopping dust out of the apartment before getting down and dirty.

Grout brush: For apartments with tiles, this item comes in handy. Cleaning the surface of the tile may be easy. However, stains are usually left on the spaces adjoining the next tile. The bristles on this brush are meant to clean such hard to reach places. The brush may also be used by the professional on other cracks and crevices within your apartment.

Small toothbrush: Interestingly, toothbrushes do not only clean the teeth. Rather ingeniously, they may also be used to clean places that would otherwise be hard to reach with a conventional brush. Therefore don’t worry when you see a cleaning professional equipped with one.

Supply caddy: Do not be surprised when your cleaner shows up with heavy luggage. This simply means they are good at their work and have come prepared. You may see them carry their supplies in these caddies usually made of plastic.

Step ladder: This is an item synonymous with construction sites. However, for a professional cleaner, it is a much needed helping hand. To do a thorough but safe job, the step ladder is essential. It helps the cleaner access the high places in your apartment to do a thorough cleaning.

Cleaning the apartment

Once they have procured all the items they need, the cleaning work can start. The professional cleaner can do a myriad of cleaning tasks within the apartment. This, however, depends on the contract you have signed with the company offering the services. There is however basics stuff that all professional cleaners are expected to do.

Preparing the house for cleaning

The length of the cleaning will depend on the state of your apartment. If your apartment is in a mess, the cleaner will need first to organize the apartment. This may involve removing clutter that may hamper the cleaning process.

The professional cleaner will remove stuff lying around and organize them for you to sort them out later. This may prove however disadvantageous to you especially if you are paying by the hour. If the house is full of clutter, the cleaner will spend more time organizing and even less time doing the actual cleaning.


If your apartment is well organized, the cleaner can get on with the cleaning. The first step involves dusting the apartment. The cleaner works on a top to bottom approach. This is where the step ladder comes in handy.

Microfiber cloth also is essential in this process. The cleaner dusts the apartment from the ceiling corners. They remove both specks of dust and cobwebs that may be in these areas. This is essential as dust attracts dust mites while cobwebs welcome the crawly creatures.

Dust is dangerous if it accumulates for longer periods as it can cause allergies and even asthma attacks. Once the entire apartment is dusted, the cleaner then use the dust mop to mop up dust on the floor. Using a dustpan they collect and dispose of it in the trash can.


After a top to bottom dusting, vacuuming should be the next step. This, if done properly will leave the house smelling fresh. Professional cleaners start vacuuming away from the door and heading out of the room. Before vacuuming the carpet, they vacuum the room’s edges. Using a special crevice attachment, they can vacuum hard to reach crevices and spaces.

Vacuuming over the carpet is done twice.  It is done horizontally over the carpet and vertically afterward. This is to ensure dirt and debris embedded under the carpet are dislodged and vacuumed. They then use a neutralizer to ensure the carpet smells fresh.

Contents of the vacuum can are then emptied in the trash can for disposal.

Emptying the trash can

Emptying a full garbage can may seem simple. However, this device harbors more than the garbage inside. Insect larva tends to breed in the garbage can and then invade your apartment. This may then lead to a fly infestation which ultimately leads to diseases and infections. Therefore it needs to be cleaned and disinfected.

Professional cleaners are expected to clear out the trash and afterward clean the garbage cans. They do this using the multipurpose cleaners. Products used should not only act as disinfectants but also leave the cans smelling fresh.

Making beds

This is a task that may also appear simple but if done professionally you’ll note the difference. A professional cleaner is expected to remove any dirty linen on the bed and replace it with a clean one.

They then spread fitted sheets on first ensuring it fits on snuggly without leaving creases or wrinkles. Next, a top sheet is spread over the bottom one using a method known as the “hospital corner”. Finally, a duvet or the bed cover you may have is spread on top and folded nicely with the top sheet.

The pillows are then fluffed and pillowcases removed and replaced if found unappealing. They are then arranged in a way that is inviting. This is done in all the bedrooms.

Cleaning the windows

Apartments are prone to gather dust more easily as they tend to be located in a crowded place. This dust may settle on windows. If mixed with rainwater, the dust forms stains on the glass. Therefore window cleaning has become an art best left to professionals.

The professional cleaner starts will the window sills. Having removed the dust, they then use the multipurpose cleaner, water, and the microfiber cloth. This leaves the sills extra clean. If the frames are made of wood, furniture polish can be used to leave a polished finish.

Next, the cleaners concentrate on the glass panes. The cleaning is done from top to bottom. Glass cleaner products come in handy to remove the stubborn stains. The window is scrubbed of using the microfiber pad and a squeegee used to leave the window dry and crystal clear.

Cleaning the floors

This is done using a floor cleaner and microfiber mops. The microfiber mops are used as they are gentler and will not damage special floors such as hardwoods. For tiled apartments, the grout brush should be a pertinent item.

The professional cleaner does all this despite having dusted the apartment. This is because while dusting may remove superficial dirt, some grime and stains may require more advanced methods.

Cleaning the kitchen

The kitchen may be one of the complicated rooms in the apartment to clean. This is because there are lots of potential stain-causing stuff. Food is, however, the main culprit here.

The professional cleaner does a top to bottom clean here. They start by cleaning the inside of the kitchen cabinets. Having dusted the inside, they can use the multi-purpose cleaning agent to remove all remaining stains. Finally, they wipe down kitchen cabinet facings.

If there is a microwave or fridge, cleaning is also done. However as there are foods in there, non-toxic cleaning detergents are used.

The granite tops are then cleaned meticulously and the kitchen sink properly drained.

Cleaning the living room

Once the dusting and vacuuming are done, furniture polish is applied to the dinner table and any other wooden furniture. This will help maintain the furniture for a longer period. Using a moistened microfiber cloth, the professional cleaner cleans the upholstery.

Items around the living room are then arranged properly and curtains and drapes opened to let natural light in.

Final Thoughts

Cleaning services offer a wider array of services apart from the cleaning. The services will depend upon the contracts you sign with the company. Specialized services such as laundry services, carpet cleaning, and even home cooking can be arranged.

It helps to get a reputable company that can go out of its way to ensure all your needs are catered to. While choosing a cleaning service company, do not focus on the cost but rather the quality of services on offer.

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