How Often Should Pest Control Be Done In An Apartment?

There are very few things that can trouble a home owner as much as a pest infestation. Even after the problem has been eradicated from your apartment, there is always the paranoia of re-infestation. Pest invasions are a huge problem for apartment residents and are more difficult to control. For this reason, most apartment residents often worry about the frequency at which pest control should be conducted in their apartments to prevent further invasion of the pests.

How often should pest control be done in an apartment? By the time you start noticing that you might have a pest infestation, it’s already too late. In such situations, the pests are yet to make their presence fully known. The best way of curbing a pest infestation is by preventing one from ever happening to begin with. Pest control should be done even before you notice any pests in your apartment.

The frequency at which pest control procedures should be conducted in an apartment, however, is determined by several factors. Some of these factors include:

1. The Type of Pest

Some pests are more resilient than others. It is also important to note that different pests have different treatments. Some require treatments at more frequent intervals than others. Other pests may only require one or two applications before they are completely eradicated. Some pests quickly adapt to baiting techniques and poisons, making them very difficult to control.

If your apartment is infested with common household pests such as roaches, spiders, ants, or silverfish, you can request for pest control services once every three months. The spraying and dusting should be intensive to prevent further re-infestation.

Pests such as dry wood termites are much easier to control. If your apartment is infested with dry wood termites, the recommended frequency of pest control done in your apartment should be at least once every two years with bi-annual inspections. 

Bedbugs are much more of a nuisance and are quite difficult to get rid of. The recommended number of times you should have pest control done in your apartment in the case of a bedbug invasion is at least once every two months.

If your apartment is invaded by flying insects such as mosquitoes and fruit flies, it is recommended that pest control is done monthly with decreasing frequency until the infestation stops.

Other pests that can be such a nuisance to home owners are rodents. Rats are very intelligent and are known to avoid traps and poisons, making them very difficult to control. They can also be very destructive. If your apartment is infested by rodents, it is recommended to have pest control done in your apartment at least once every month, with constant inspections to avoid further infestation.

2. The Extent of the Infestation

Most pesticides usually remain effective for about three months from the time of application. This means that as a preventive measure against the infestation of any kind of pests, having pest control services done in your apartment quarterly is a good choice. Having the inspections done once every three months will ensure that your apartment has continuous protection against pests of any kind.

If your house is already infested by pests, after the first 2-3 services, the problem caused by the pests will have started to reduce. At this point, the pest control professional will suggest a more preventive approach as opposed to an offensive one. After some time, the service provider will suggest treating the interior of your apartment less frequency and focus more on the area around your apartment to curb the risk of another invasion.

3. The Type of Products Used

Different pest control products are used to curb a pest invasion. The pest control products used influence the rate at which pest control is done in your apartment. These products have varying residual effects and rates at which they are accepted by the pests. The products with a high acceptance rate by the pests can be used at a lower frequency as they are more effective and do not need to be re-applied from time to time. The same applies for products with a lasting residual effect. Pest control products with a high acceptance rate and lasting residual effect may require application only 3-4 times a year.  

4. Entry Points 

Identifying the entry points that the pests use to get into your home makes the process of preventing another invasion much easier. Some of the entry points include gaps in walls, cracks, openings made for drainage pipes and utility lines, etc. Sealing the entry points with caulk or sheet metal will leave them unable to hide or escape. Since the pests will have been contained, the pest control in your apartment can be done at a lower frequency. 

5. Location of your Apartment

When making a decision on the frequency at which pest control should be done in your apartment, you should also consider the location of your apartment. Location is a key factor as pest populations vary depending on the location. Some areas are more heavily infested with pests than others. If your area is severely infested with pests, you can have pest control inspect your apartment as frequently as once a month to match the results of areas with less pest infestation.  

Final Thoughts

Once you suspect that you have a pest infestation in your apartment, you should find a reputable pest control service provider. The company should send a professional to conduct a thorough inspection of your property. The inspection should enable him or her to determine whether you have an invasion and if so, the type of pest that has infested your home and the severity of the invasion. The pest control professional will also find the points through which the pests enter and exit your apartment. This will provide him or her a better scope on how best to tackle the infestation and the treatments to use. The professional will then set up an appropriate treatment schedule to completely eradicate the pests.

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