13 Realistic Ways to Keep Squirrels Off Your Balcony Today

Squirrels on the balcony table

So you want to keep the squirrels off your balcony. We feel you. It’s a common problem that homeowners worldwide have been trying to solve for years. But before you go out and buy an arsenal of traps and deterrents, take a step back and ask yourself this question:

Why are the squirrels on my balcony in the first place?

The mother squirrel wants to live on the balcony because it’s an ideal environment for her and her babies – it’s dark, quiet, and safe.

By making the balcony neither dark nor quiet and adding an unpleasant smell, you can convince the squirrel to look nesting place elsewhere. 

Squirrel-proofing techniques should be placed near possible nest areas, such as stored household items or old furniture, so the squirrels can’t ignore them.

So, how to keep squirrels off your balcony?

1. Clean your apartment balcony

Cleaning apartment balcony

Keeping your apartment balcony clean is an effective method of deterring squirrels from making visits.

  1. Start by sweeping up dirt, leaves, birdseed, or other food leftovers that may have blown onto the balcony from a nearby feeder.
  2. Then, give the surface a thorough rinse with a hose to reduce both food debris and the scent of insects that might otherwise attract the rodents.
  3. Afterward, wiping down outdoor furniture with a rag soaked in a mild soapy solution can help prevent lingering scents from luring them back in the future.

With a regular maintenance routine for your balcony, you should be able to keep squirrels away for good.

2. Remove any food sources

Blue Jay is eating on the wooden balcony rail

Removing any food sources from your balcony can keep squirrels away. This means any stored foods, bird seeds, and even plants that may provide food of some kind must be removed for a certain period of time.

Doing this allows other solutions to work more effectively because their original source is gone, and they must explore different methods.

Once the squirrels have been discouraged, vegetables that are at a more grown stage can then be placed outside again – but take care to monitor them closely in case the squirrels return once more.

3. Remove standing water

A birdbath on the balcony

Removing any source of standing water on your balcony is necessary if you want to deter squirrels from visiting.

Standing water is an attractant for wildlife, providing them with sustenance and enrichment that could ultimately cause them to linger in the area.

By removing standing water, such as buckets and bird baths, you can break this attraction chain to ensure that squirrels are less likely to visit and potentially damage your property.

4. Squirrel-proof your birdfeeder

Squirrel-proofing your birdfeeder is a great way to ensure that squirrels stay away from your balcony.

This can be done by adding cayenne pepper or hand cream to the feeder’s chains, tops, and hooks.

Cayenne pepper has a very strong taste, which deters squirrels without affecting birds, as they don’t have taste buds for spice.

Hand cream provides a slippery surface that squirrels have difficulty gripping, but this does not affect the birds.

Taking these steps will ensure that your birdfeeder is only visited by its intended users.

5. Turn on the radio

Turning on the radio

Turning on the radio near your balcony is an effective and safe way to keep squirrels off your balcony. 

It has been found that the sound of human voices coming from the radio is enough to keep them at bay. Tuning into a talk station instead of music will provide consistent noise, making squirrels think twice before wanting to set foot on the balcony.

This solution can be used as an alternative to more invasive methods while still achieving desired results.

6. Use bright light

Installing a bright light is an effective way to deter squirrels from taking up residence on your balcony.

Motion-activated lights have a built-in sensor that detects the slightest movement and triggers the light. This sudden burst of light will frighten away unwanted guests, ensuring your balcony remains free of squirrels.

Not only are these lights energy efficient, but they also provide security illumination and can help with lighting hard-to-see areas.

7. Introduce a dog

Dog on the balcony

Having a dog on your balcony is an effective strategy to keep squirrels away. 

Not only do they provide added security, but they also serve as a loud and disruptive noise that easily spooks the small critters away. 

Plus, if the proper research is done beforehand, keeping a pet on the balcony can be safe and enjoyable for them.

The key here is to ensure the dogs on your balcony are well-trained and supervised so that no harm comes to them or other animals.

8. Make your own squirrel repel

Making your pest deterrent is an effective, cost-efficient way to keep squirrels and other outdoor pests off your balcony.

Apple Cider Vinegar has proven to be an effective outdoor pest deterrent for many homeowners; this natural solution can be easily produced with just a few supplies.

All you need to do is soak clean rags in Apple Cider Vinegar, place them in a plastic bag, and puncture the bag to allow the scent of vinegar to escape.

When finished, hang the bag containing the rags near your balcony entrance and enjoy peace of mind knowing you won’t be dealing with squirrels intruding on your space any time soon!

9. Seal Your Trash

unclosed trash bin

To prevent squirrels from invading your balcony, a necessary step is to keep your garbage can tightly sealed.

Doing so will not only ward off squirrels but other unwanted pests as well. Not only will sealing help reduce the risk of disease and contamination, but also it’ll help maintain the neatness and hygiene of your outdoor space.

When searching for effective refuse storage solutions, make sure to seal any bins and properly manage any waste on your balcony to keep pesky squirrels at bay.

10. Plant plants that keep squirrels away


Using plants that squirrels don’t like can discourage them from entering your balcony.

Alliums, catnip, mints, geraniums, daffodils, and hyacinths are all plants known to emit powerful aromas that squirrels find unappealing.

Placing these plants in pots along the perimeter of your balcony will aid in repelling the critters while also adding beauty and life to the area.

11. Cut back the tree limbs

Cutting back the tree limbs

By trimming back any trees located near your balcony, you can prevent the squirrels from accessing the area.

This is one of the best ways to help keep them away since they cannot reach the balcony without tree limbs to climb on.

To ensure proper protocol is followed, consult with the building owners before cutting or trimming any trees. They will be able to guide you on what steps need to be taken for your safety and theirs.

12. Place a squirrel feeder far from your balcony

Squirrel feeder on the tree

A squirrel feeder stocked with acorns, nuts, and other seeds placed in a green space near your building will provide them with an alternate food supply and keep them from relying on your balcony as much. This measure also supports wildlife diversity and ecologically-friendly practices.

13. Remove Nesting Fabrics

Old furniture parts on the balcony

Squirrels are creative and can use items they find on your balconies, such as outdoor furniture and cushions, to build nests.

Their chewing can significantly damage your belongings and cause disturbing noises if left unchecked.

Removing these fabrics from the balcony is a preventative measure that is well worth taking, as it will help protect your possessions and peace of mind.

Please don’t relocate squirrels

Squirrel on the balcony in winter time

Relocating squirrels may seem like an easy and humane resolution to a problem with them on your balcony, but it is actually not recommended.

It can be highly damaging to the animal’s well-being. Adapting to a new environment is difficult for squirrels, and any young that were accompanying its mother will often be abandoned in an unfamiliar place.

Moreover, many jurisdictions consider trapping and relocating wild animals illegal, so attempting this on your own could lead to significant penalties or fines from local authorities.


So, how to keep squirrels off balcony? The answer is simple- take various measures such as those listed above. Using a combination of methods, you can make it difficult for the critters to invade your outdoor space and cause mischief.

  • It’s important to remember that these steps require some effort, but they are worth taking to maintain peace of mind and protect your apartment balcony.
  • If you find that the squirrels are still persistent in their attempts to enter your balcony after trying out these tips, please consult with an expert who can help devise a more comprehensive plan tailored specifically to your situation.

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