Things To Do Before The House Cleaner Arrives

Most people hire house cleaners to relieve themselves of the pressures of doing most house chores, which are often tedious and time-consuming. Sometimes, though, hiring a house cleaner can be a little daunting. This is because you are inviting a stranger to your home.

Despite the fact that the house cleaner will be doing most of the work, you also need to employ good manners and decency on your end. There are a number of things you need to do before the house cleaner comes to deliver the service to your home. Certain protocols regarding cleaning preparation should be followed to make both you and the cleaner comfortable as the cleaning gets done.

This does not mean that you should be entirely involved in the cleaning process. You simply need to have a detailed plan explaining the process that should be followed. This will make the cleaner’s job easier and faster.

Here are a few things you need to do before the house cleaner arrives.

Clean up process before the house cleaner comes

  • Conduct a thorough spot check – to determine where things are. This will allow you to also do a simple clean up. This may not necessarily involve dusting and mopping but simple and random things that you can do to make their work easier.
  • Clear the clutter around the house – This enables the cleaner to have it easy since the house is fully organized. This makes it easier for them to also properly explore and clean the house. This process enables you to cut costs as well when the cleaner is on hourly pay.
  • Remove any objects that cause obstruction – around the apartment. The clutter and piles of things should be placed in one room. This removes obstruction that may even pose accidents. You should instruct the cleaner not to temper with the specified room.

If you have kids it wouldn’t hurt to teach them organizational skills early. They can join in this process by placing their toys and materials in the toy bin or on their beds.

  • Organize the rooms – in the rooms in an orderly manner. This enables the house cleaner to solely focus on the cleaning job. Beds should be properly made. Other rooms like the living room should be straightened and materials removed from the floor.

Clutter found in the lounge or in the living room can easily be placed on the couch. Those found in the bedroom can be placed on the bed.

  • Things may be turned over and moved around – by the cleaner. Children’s clothing might be mixed with adult clothing and the kitchen laundry might end up in the bedroom. To prevent this, fold up your laundry neatly and put them away.
  • Fragile materials put in the right place – Broken items should be identified and a quick fix or repair conducted. Do a thorough inspection throughout the house. This will enable you to know the items that have been damaged beforehand. This will prevent you from placing blame on the cleaner.
  • A little bit of cleaning the house – Be involved in the cleaning process by washing utensils or doing the chores that are not stated in the contract.

In case you do not have a proper agreement with your cleaner, you can clear the kitchen area by washing and sorting out utensils. The sink should be drained and properly cleaned in order to avoid leaving this room in an untidy situation.

  • The fridge should be emptied and properly cleaned. Rotten food found inside the fridge should be thrown away. Objects found on top of the fridge should be removed in order to save time for the cleaner.
  • For the bathroom, the same step should be employed. Countertops should be properly cleared. Things like shaving cream and equipment should be placed in the right places. Laundry commonly found in the bathroom should be removed. Bathtub toys should also be put in the right place.
  • Pick up important documents and bills around the house. Important documents found around the house could easily be identified as rubbish by a person unfamiliar with them.

Bills, insurance, and tax files can be thrown away easily. Filing should be done in order to avoid such incidences. A note can also be left in the proper place in order for the cleaner to identify the documents as private materials.

  • Valuable materials such as watches and jewelry should be put in a secure location – This is especially for the case with new cleaners sent from the cleaning company.  It, therefore, is better to be safe than sorry by securing your valuable goods. This also ensures the cleaner is not tempted by the valuable goods.
  • Figure out what materials should be kept and what should be thrown away. In this process, materials like magazines and gazettes that form the largest pile in the clutter should be sorted out. If kids are available, their toys should also be sorted out. Those not liked should be disposed of.

If the clutter is too overwhelming for you, you can call for help. There is now professional de-clutters who can help you organize your apartment. They also give expert advice and tips on how to maintain your apartment looking neat and presentable.

Steps to undertake before the cleaning starts

The process of having a cleaner can be relaxing for the owner. If the person is ready and well prepared the process can be easy for both sides. The cleaner should be also prepared for the work. You should also follow certain steps in order to make their work easy.

  • A proper plan should be laid out for the cleaner to know the proper stages to follow and also the right way of doing a thing. A two-plan method can be followed. One can belong to the cleaner and the owner should have the other. This enables each one to know their specific duties and tasks as well as be able to crosscheck once the work is completed.
  • The cleaning plan – that was in place should also be availed in writing. It should be in the form of a checklist.  Rather than verbal instructions that are easily forgotten, a written one will provide a clear road map and guidance. The cleaner will have an easier and precise way of cleaning and sorting the house.
  • Conduct a proper walkthrough of the apartment with first-time cleaners. They should visit all the rooms in the house for the cleaner to familiarize themselves with their surroundings. This process is done to avoid mess-ups and time wastage.
  • Cleaning supplies should be made available – The types used by the house cleaner should be provided in the planning stage in order to avoid time wastage. The supplies should be placed in a commonplace so that they can be found easily. Garbage bags should also be made available since they are used in emptying the dirt found in the house.
  • Areas that have not been cleaned or fumigated in a while should be identified This enables the cleaner to save up on time. They will also concentrate on the specified areas and give the attention that is needed.
  • If pets are present, they should be properly placed away – This ensures that there is no unnecessary distraction to the house cleaner. Some pets may also be uncomfortable around strange people.

Pets also have the tendency of being playful and making the house dirty. Locking them away enables the cleaner to do an easy job. You could alternatively take them for a walk as the cleaning is going on. This will give them some much needed fresh air and exercise.

  • If for some reason you will not be present during the cleaning, leave the house keys in a specified place for ease of access. Alternatively, you should have the keys delivered to the house cleaner.

Final Thoughts

In order to save on money and time, it is always best to be organized. While signing the contract between the cleaning company and yourself, know all the services on offer. Do not leave anything to chance so as to manage your expectations.

You may be expecting a thorough cleaning yet you’ve signed up only for regular cleaning. Learning the difference between the two is pertinent.

If possible, maintain the services of a specific cleaner. This helps to save on time as a walkthrough is not needed. The cleaner will also know what is expected of them. It will also give you some peace of mind as you will already have established a good rapport. However, to do this you have to go out of your way to make the cleaner feel appreciated. For one, treat them as fellow human beings and not mere workers. Let them know their work is valued. Simple things as letting them bring their children along to work will go a long way.

Melanie Asiba

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