What Can a Cleaner Do In 2 Hours?

Cleaning services have become some of the most sought-after type of service today. This is because as we get busier and busier, we have less and less time to take care of some of the more mundane tasks like cleaning. Luckily, cleaners can step in and fill that essential gap in our daily lives.

A good cleaner can get quite a lot done in just two hours. In fact, most cleaners offer more services over and above simple cleaning. The services on offer range widely and will depend on the agreement you have with the cleaning company. Most people come up with a schedule of tasks and the stipulated times for each task. Payment terms will then be agreed upon thereafter before cleaning starts.

Most cleaning companies charge by the hour or based on the types of tasks assigned to the cleaner. This article will cover everything you need to know about a cleaner’s cleaning process and how you can maximize the value you get from their services.

Tips to maximize the time taken to clean your apartment

It is essential to prepare accordingly before the cleaner arrives to receive value for your money. This may require you to come up with a list of ‘cleaning wants’ and ‘cleaning needs’. This will ensure the cleaner can prioritize according to your needs.

The number of times weekly you care for your apartment will determine the type of cleaning service to procure. It will also determine how long it takes for the cleaning process. If your apartment is cluttered with stuff, the cleaner may have to organize them for you to sort them out later. This may take up much of their time.

  • Clutter around the house may also be hazardous – The cleaner might trip on something and get injured. They then may end up suing you. Sharp stuff may also be hidden in clutter and someone may be cut and injured. To avoid such unnecessary incidents, be an organized person.

If you are having trouble with this, there are now professional de-clutters or tidier. Procure their services to help with the organization of your apartment. They will help keep your apartment clutter-free and offer pieces of advice and tips on maintaining it that way.

  • To protect yourself from such liability – ensure the cleaner is insured. Injuries on this kind of work are sometimes unavoidable. It is, therefore, better to be safe than sorry.

Tasks that you can do before the cleaner arrive

  • Laundry should be folded as this is not part of the cleaning – The cleaner may spend too much time in your bedroom or closet folding your clothes instead of doing the actual cleaning.
  • The cleaning may also require some special products + Some you may be required to have and some the cleaner will bring along. Make sure to have a complete list of what is required of you.  Get them from the store as part of your preparation for the cleaning. This is mainly with deep cleaning.

Apart from the products, you should also have the necessary equipment to compliment the products. This is to make the work easier for the cleaner. It will also ensure the cleaning is done much faster to fit the two-hour schedule.

  • Soak the dishes before the cleaner arrives – This will make it easier to clean as the stains will be easier to remove. This will save time for other tasks within the apartment.

If the cleaner ends up spending too much effort on things you don’t care about, you won’t notice any improvements in the apartment. You may end up dismissing them yet they’ve given their all. If you are procuring services from a company, make sure to ask for an individual you are familiar with.

This is because they are already familiar with the layout of your apartment. They will be able to understand your needs and what is required of them. Getting a new cleaner every time will be a time-waster as they have to familiarize themselves with your apartment.

Cleaning the apartment

There is a range of cleaning services on offer. However, they are generally divided into two categories. The choice depends upon what other services you require of the cleaners following your agreement. The choice of cleaning will also depend on the state of your apartment.

Regular cleaning

This is a general type of cleaning and is the most basic. It can be described as a type of cleaning done daily. It involves dusting the apartment, vacuuming, mopping the floor, cleaning sinks, mirrors, bath, and toilet. It also involves cleaning the kitchen sink and countertops as well as cabinet doors.

This type of cleaning ensures the house is livable but not entirely clean. To maximize your two hours, you can request this service and compliment it with other services on offer such as a home-cooked meal.

Spring/deep cleaning

This type of cleaning is much thorough as it reaches the deep grime and dirt in your apartment. If the schedule is strictly two hours then a descending priority list should be afforded to the cleaner. This is because the cleaning intensely covers the whole house.

Attention is paid from room to room and cleaning is done as per the room’s needs.

  • Starts with the dusting of the whole house. – The dusting is done from top to bottom paying attention to hard to reach areas.

These may be places such as the ceiling, behind and under furniture, and even beds. In the living room, the dusting of wall hangings and light fixtures should be focused on. If need be furniture is sometimes moved about.

 Specialized equipment is used and this should be available to enable the cleaner to efficiently work. This should take approximately 20 minutes.

  • Once done the cleaner should vacuum – Vacuuming should be done both vertically and horizontally to ensure a thorough cleaning.  Depending on the size of the apartment, 10 to 15 minutes is enough. The contents of the vacuum bag should be disposed of in the trash can and the can be emptied. The trash can should then be cleaned and disinfected. This may take 10 minutes.
  • The cleaner should then mop the floors in each room – They should begin at the end of the apartment and work their way out of the apartment.

 Ensure the products used are suited for your floor type. Even though time is of the essence, quality should supersede. If there are tiles, the grouts should be scrubbed well. This may take a total of 20 minutes.

  • Cleaning the bathroom – A lot of scrubbing and cleaning needs to be done. Special attention should be paid to the toilet bowl, sink, and bath tabs. They should be cleaned and disinfected. With the right products at hand, both the toilet and bathtub should be sparkling and fresh. This should take approximately 30 minutes to clean.
  • The kitchen should be paid attention to – Places hard to reach should not simply be ignored. These are areas behind the fridge, oven, or washing machines. If need be these appliances should be moved as these are the places dirt and stain is likely to accumulate.

 Clean the insides of the fridge and microwaves. Cleaning should also be done on the kitchen sink paying attention to the chrome. Ensure there are products at hand to restore their shine.  Attention should also be paid under the kitchen sink as dirt tends to accumulate here.

Cabinets should be dusted and cleaned. Cabinet doors and knobs should also be cleaned. Countertops should be cleaned as well. The cleaner should also not forget to clean the oven top and its fixtures. Food spills from cooking tend to stain and accumulate here.

Make sure the products used in the whole cleaning process are the right ones. The whole kitchen cleaning should take another 30 minutes.

You may need to supervise the cleaning process. However, you should give the cleaner ample time to clean the apartment. Go out of the apartment for other activities on your itinerary.

Spend the two hours creatively on other tasks. This is to ensure the cleaner has space to move about. They will also move faster as they do not have to redo work such as mopping the floor or wiping up new stains.

Final thoughts

A cleaner is only able to maintain a certain amount of cleanliness in your apartment within two hours. However, to ensure they are efficient, you must play your part. Make them feel appreciated. Compliment work that is done well.

You can even leave a small gift or present to show your appreciation. This could be as simple as a sticky note with the words thank you. Let them feel their services are impactful. If you do this you are guaranteed to have a good worker who’ll go above and beyond to satisfy your cleaning needs.

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