What Can I Boil To Make My House Smell Good?

The smell of a place speaks volumes about it. When a house smells nice, we enjoy spending time with it and can feel at home inside it. On the other hand, a house that has unpleasant odors confuses the senses and makes us anxious to get out of there.

The good news is that there is an easy way to get your house to smell good: boiling things in your simmer pot. You can combine natural ingredients with boiling water to come up with an array of aromas and scents.

If you have a problem with bad odors around the house, it is tempting to reach for the fancy air freshener you bought at the store. Sure, it might even work for a while. However, at the end of the day, it is a temporary solution to the problem. This article will show you an easy workaround for this: using natural solutions that you already have in your home to make your house smell good without having an overpowering fragrance.

Natural remedies to boil in the house

There are wide varieties of locally sourced products that may help with your quest for a fresh-smelling apartment. These solutions are not only readily available but also have other far-reaching benefits. Some of them are:

1. Cloves

These are aromatic flowering buds native to Indonesia but grown in the tropical areas around the world. They are mostly used as a spice. They do grow around the year so they are in huge supply and cheaper to procure. They are multipurpose and can also be used in foods. They are also known to have certain medical uses so having it in your apartment is a plus.

To create the aromatic blend in your apartment, place 4 cups of water on the oven burner. Put a handful of cloves into the water and allow boiling for a few minutes. Reduce the temperature to a simmer and add water if necessary. Once done, let the mixture cool off emitting the soothing fragrance.

2. Cinnamon sticks

This is also a spice obtained from the bark of several trees within the genus Cinnamomum. The tree is grown in the Far East Asian countries. The bark from the tree is cut in strips that are dried and rolled to form the cinnamon sticks. The sticks can easily be found in a spice shop or groceries.

Fortunately, this spice is not only infused with great fragrances but can be used to spice up your food and tea. The distinct smell and flavor come from its oily extract. To create the sweet-smelling fragrance, we can manually extract the oil.

To do this, we immerse the cinnamon sticks in water. However, the number of cups of water should be the same as the cinnamon sticks added. Once you have the required amount, bring the water to boil until it starts turning brown.

Reduce the heat and let it simmer then switch off and let the fumes permeate the apartment. Cinnamon sticks can be reused afterward so do not throw them away. If you want an extra fragrance, you can add clovers before boiling the mixture.

3. Boiling citrus peels

Citrus has been known for the longest time ever for its pleasant aroma. Orange, lemon, and grapefruit are all fruits whose peels can be used for this purpose. Therefore this is another ingenious way to ensure your house smells great. It is also a cheap and healthier way as you get nutrients from the fruits and use for its waste. The method for creating this solution is also simpler.

Just boil the peels in water and once boiled, reduce the heat and let it simmer. You can also add to the fragrance by adding a stick of cinnamon to the mixture.

4. Pine sprigs

Other than the springtime fragrance they produce, pine sprigs can actually be used to spice up your cuisine. Unlike other trees that are similar, pine sprigs do not shed their leaves in winter. This means that they are available all year round.

Interestingly, the pine scent is also synonymous with ‘clean’ for many people. Therefore to get this going, gather a handful of the pine needles from the tree to ensure freshness. Put them in a pot of cold water and raise the temperature to boil. Once boiled, reduce the heat and let it simmer while ensuring water does not evaporate below the pine needles.

5. Rosemary or sage sprigs

Rosemary and sage are among the most prominent herbs. It is, therefore, a great idea to add them to your pot for a tantalizing aroma. The rosemary is native to the Mediterranean region but can be found in a store near you.

You can procure it but always ensure the leaves are still fresh. For every teaspoon of loose rosemary leaves, add an ounce of hot water. This is so as to produce a much stronger fragrance that will engulf the entire house. If you prefer an exotic scent other than the rosemary, in the same mixture you can add a cinnamon stick and vanilla extract.

The rosemary solution is not only for scent but you can add it to your tea. This is known to produce a soothing effect so you can enjoy it both ways.

6. Teabags

If you’d rather not go for a mixture of different herbs and spices, a simple toss of tea masala or tea bags into a pot of boiling water can work for you. The scent produced should leave your apartment with an earthy but fresh smell.

If it takes too much of your time, tea bags can also be used to generate scents alone. You can place them in shoes emitting odors and even closed spaces. This will act as an absorbent and help clear the air.

7. Vanilla or Almond Extract

A few drops of either vanilla or almond extract in a pot of boiling water will leave your house smelling like baked goods. Both of them are good options. Simply add a few drops to a cup of water and leave to boil.

It may boil at a much lower temperature. This is because the extract does contain alcohol. Lower the temperature after boiling and let it simmer.

Are there other homemade ways to keep your house smelling fresh?

Yes, there are. With the fast evolution of solutions taking place in the modern world, of course, there are a couple of solutions at your disposal. These solutions can also be engineered at home.

1. Use a homemade room and furniture deodorizing spray

You can use a combination of a few drops of essential oils (flavors completely left to your preference), a tablespoon of baking soda and distilled water. Leverage a spray bottle as your medium of applying the mixture either by spritzing into the air or spraying directly on that smelly couch. I encourage you to optimize this simple recipe which is fast and easy to use.

2. Use a carpet refresher

Mix one cup of baking soda with one tablespoon of ground cinnamon. Make sure the two ingredients bond in the mixture by stirring vigorously. You could then store it in a shaker container. Sprinkle liberally on your carpets and let it stand for about half an hour or so. Vacuum your carpet and leave it smelling clean and fresh.

Home fresheners

Do you see that small bottle that got your car smelling amazing? That’s what I’m driving at. The little freshener jars are great for bathrooms, closets, and any other room in the house. Add 4 to 6 drops of essential oil to half a cup of baking soda and mix the ingredients well. Use the small glass jar with poked holes on the lid and place your deodorizer anywhere within the apartment. Make sure you refresh every 4 to 6 weeks with some new oil drops.

1. Smelly shoe deodorizing spray

Use two teaspoons of essential oil, either thyme or tea tree oil as the recommended solution. Mix thoroughly with two cups of water and add to a spray bottle. This will do the trick on your smelly shoe situation. You should liberally spray shoes with the mixture and allow them to dry completely before putting them on.

2. Stinky pet spray

You might be having a pet at home and it may just be the one with that strong pungent odor. However, all is not lost as there is a solution for you. The homemade pet deodorizer helps keep your dog smelling good in between baths. 

You will require 3 tablespoons of rubbing alcohol, 2 cups distilled water, and 12 drops of essential oils. Mix the ingredients well and add to a spray bottle. This will serve for at least a fortnight. Spritz the mixture on your dog liberally when he or she is smelly.

Final thoughts

The idea here is to find the source of the bad smell before you attempt to mask the odor. Most apartments will have a fresh smell when they are simply kept clean. Try to routinely thorough clean every room in the house to remove any potential sources of bad smells before they get worse.

Melanie Asiba

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