What Do Fully Furnished Apartments Include?

What Do Fully Furnished Apartments Include

If you have ever been apartment hunting, there is a high chance that you have come across some fully furnished rentals. Fully furnished apartments are units that come equipped with items that include basic furniture and appliances. Here is everything you need to know about fully furnished apartments and whether or not they are the right fit for you.

What do fully furnished apartments include? There are no specifications on what a fully furnished apartment should include since it solely depends on who the landlord is catering to and the kind of place you are renting. Nevertheless, these units typically come equipped with furniture, basic kitchen appliances, tables and chairs for the dining and living room areas, a shower curtain, a bed and dresser in the bedroom, and a few others.

It is not uncommon to wonder what comes in a fully furnished apartment in order to set it apart from other similar units. Next time you are looking for an apartment, here is what you can expect to find if it’s fully furnished per room:

You can expect to find if it’s fully furnished per room

Living room

A living room should at least have couches, end tables, a coffee table, window curtains and blinds, and lamps. Some items that may also be included are bookshelves, an ottoman, and a couple of desks and chairs. There will probably be some electronics and entertainment equipment as well such as a television, a stereo system, and even a DVD/gaming system. A telephone will likely be included too, as well as an answering machine and a faxing machine if your rental is older. With the presence of a TV and a telephone, you should expect to pay for these utilities in your monthly rent.

Living roomExpected Items
2.End Table
3.Coffee Table
4.Window Curtains and Blinds
7.An Ottoman
8.Couple of Desks and Chairs
11.A Stereo System

Dining room

The dining room includes a dining table, table mats, chairs, and may also come with other accessories such as lamps. There may be some wall artwork present in either the dining room or living room as well, or both, but this is not guaranteed.

Dining roomExpected Items
Dining Table
2.Table Mats
5.Wall Artwork or Clock


Here, you can expect to find a bed, a mattress, a nightstand, a dresser, and closet storage. Smaller apartments may not include close storage. A lamp and pillows may also be included, along with a desk and chair. Make sure to inquire about the size of the bed, and also ask about whether or not linens such as pillowcases, comforters, sheets, and other blankets are included as well. The closet storage should come with hangers and drawers where you can organize your belongings. Other accessories that may be provided include a waste bucket and an alarm clock. If you are lucky, you might also find one with decorative plants or even artwork.

BedroomExpected Items
4.A Dresser
5.Closet Storage
8.A Desk and Chair
11.Sheets and other Blankets
12.Hangers and Drawers
13.Waste Bucket
14.Alarm Clock


Of course, you will find the essentials such as a toilet, sink, and bathtub/shower in the bathroom. Expect to find a shower curtain, a bath mat/rug, and accessories such as a toothbrush holder or cup, a soap dish, a toilet brush, toilet cleaner, and a wastebasket. Do not hesitate to ask whether bath, hand, and face towels and a hairdryer are included as well.

BathroomExpected Items
4.Shower Curtain
5.Bath Mat/Rug
6.Toothbrush Holder or Cup
7.A Soap Dish
8.A Toilet Brush
9.Toilet Cleaner
11.Bath, Hand and Face Towels


The basics in the kitchen that are a given in a furnished apartment include appliances such a refrigerator, a microwave, a dishwasher, a stove, an oven, a coffee maker, and a toaster, among others. You should also find utensils, dishes, glassware, bakeware, cookware, pots and pans, and other cooking equipment. Accessories in the kitchen include a garbage can, a can opener, dish towels, and oven mitts, and salt and pepper shakers.

KitchenExpected Items
2.A Microwave
4.A Stove
5.An oven
6.Coffee Maker
13.Pots and Pans
14.Garbage Can
Dish Towels
16.Oven Mitts
17.Salt and Pepper Shakers

Other items included in a fully furnished apartment:

  • Cleaning supplies: A mop and broom for your cleaning needs are usually included, and some apartments also throw in a vacuum. Others accessories include cleaning spray and supplies, dishwasher detergent, and a dustpan.
  • Laundry essentials: Includes laundry detergent and fabric softeners, a laundry basket, iron and ironing board, and even a washer and dryer in some apartments.
  • General supplies: These include toilet paper, tissues, paper towels, light bulbs, garbage and recycle bags, extension cords and sockets, and utility shelving, among others.
  • Utilities: Other than telephone service and cable, other utilities that come with fully furnished apartments include internet access, electricity, gas, water, and satellite TV (optional)
  • Housekeeping services: Some units additionally provide you with the option of ordering housekeeping services. If you opt to use these services, they will cost you extra.
  • Maintenance supplies may also be included.
General SuppliesExpected Items
A Mop and Broom
3.Cleaning Spray
4.Laundry Detergent
5.Fabric Softeners
6.Laundry Basket
7.Iron and Ironing Board
8.Washer and Dryer
9.Toilet Paper
11.Paper Towels
12.Light Bulb
13.Garbage and Recycle Bags
14.Extension Cords and Sockets

Advantages of renting a fully furnished apartment

1. Moving in will not be a hassle

Moving from one unfurnished apartment to another is typically hectic, especially when you consider the number of heavy furniture and appliances you might have to move around. Even when you hire movers, you are obligated to pay them when the job is done. On the other hand, all you need to move into a fully furnished space is a few boxes of your belongings. When you arrive at your new home, you will find everything in place, and all that you will have to do is add details of your own.

2. It’ll save you some money buying household most items

Since you are moving into a house that already contains furniture, essential appliances, and other general supplies, you will only have to purchase what might be missing. This saves you both money and time that you might have spent shopping around.

3. You won’t be bounded by a long-term lease

Fully furnished apartments are often advertised as an alternative to long-term leases. Many people who go for these units are usually living in the area temporarily and only require a short-term lease. They are ideal for people who constantly travel for business and only stay in one location for a limited period of time, for students who spend less than a year in their college town/city, or for anyone who is not ready to commit to one place for too long. A fully furnished apartment with a shorter lease is therefore very convenient, plus you don’t have to carry your furniture every time you move.

4. Convenient for when you’re relocating on short notice

When you are making the transition from one apartment to another, you may find that you need to buy new furniture that fits into the new place since your existing furniture just won’t do. If you are relocating on short notice or moving from your home state to one across the country, you’ll probably not be able to physically see the apartment and determine whether your items will fit. Furthermore, you won’t have the time to move your bulkier items. Moving into a fully furnished apartment in such a situation might be the best idea since all you have to do is how up with a few easily portable items.

Disadvantages of renting a fully furnished apartment

1. Rent is generally higher

Since furniture and other accessories are already provided, they will be factored into your monthly rent, hence it will be costlier to live in a fully furnished apartment. If you already possess furniture and you don’t mind the cost of moving it, moving into a fully furnished apartment may not be ideal. Furthermore, if you are looking for a long-term rental, it might be best to invest in your own furniture.

2. The security deposit is also larger

Many landlords opt to charge a month’s rent as a security depot, but for a fully furnished apartment, the landlord will probably charge more. The larger security deposit is for protecting their household items from damage. In San Francisco, the tenant’s union state’s that landlords have the right to charge up to three times one month’s rent as a security deposit.

3. Additional costs when you damage the provided household items

You face a higher liability when you live in a fully furnished apartment since there you don’t own the items that you find, meaning that if you accidentally damage anything, you will have to bear with the cost of getting it fixed. So you have to be extra careful to avoid any potential mishaps.

4. You have limited control over the décor and furniture quality

You have the options of adding your personal touch here and there in a fully furnished apartment, but the general look of the apartment is determined by the landlord. If you are a renovation or decoration enthusiast, then these apartments may not be for you. Additionally, the quality of furniture in the unit might not suit your taste. To make replacements, you have to consult your landlord and even if they give you the go ahead, you have to figure out what you will do with the piece of old furniture when you buy a new one.

5. You may not have enough space for items you already own

A fully furnished may not be suitable for you if you already have a lot of belongings since you will probably be forced to put some of it in storage.

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  • What is a semi-furnished apartment? A semi-furnished apartment is an umbrella term that can be used to describe a range of rentals, from a virtually bare to an almost fully furnished apartment. Generally, a semi-furnished apartment typically has basic furniture such as couches, a dresser, a bed, a table, and chairs. Other items such as kitchen utensils usually provided in a fully furnished apartment may be absent.

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