What Is A Clubhouse In An Apartment Complex?

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Living in apartment complex comes with a lot of perks- having maintenance and repairs done for you, living in a community of like-minded individual- but one of the most appealing features is having access to amenities that you may not have when you live in a standalone home. One of the amenities that you may come across in an apartment complex is a clubhouse. Here is what you need to know about clubhouses and what you can expect as a tenant in an apartment complex that has one.

What is a clubhouse in an apartment complex? A clubhouse is a communal amenity that is featured in some apartment complexes that can be used for a number of activities by the residents.

It can be used as a gathering area where neighbors interact with each other, a babysitting area in a community where there are many young children, a quiet area where a study group can meet up, a game room, a dedicated area for parties, gatherings and events, a space where residents can work out, etc.

In recent years, clubhouses are increasingly being integrated into apartment complexes as amenities since their convenience attracts more prospective tenants, and quite obviously, they are viewed by many as luxurious additions. For an investor, having a clubhouse within an apartment complex plays a significant role in increasing the value of the property.

A clubhouse is a coveted amenity that was previously thought to be reserved for luxurious homes and high-end apartments, but as more apartment complexes are being introduced to the rental market, they have gradually become more commonplace. Here are the basics of a clubhouse in an apartment complex.

Different ways you can use a clubhouse

1. Crafting activities

If you are passionate about art and crafts, a clubhouse is a great place to let your creative juices flow. You can organize a group event with neighbors and friends who have similar interests, or you could offer to teach a class. Try to find a time and day that most of the residents will be available, and encourage everyone to come with their favorite crafting tools and projects to work on. Ensure that there are snacks and drinks in case anyone gets hungry. Who knows- crafting might just become a regular tradition in the complex in the process.

2. Study groups

Whether you have children in a challenging math class or you are taking classes in a nearby university, study groups are usually helpful to students of all levels. Most students benefit from getting to hear a variety of perspectives, and a study group makes it easier to compare class notes. Clubhouses are typically equipped with electrical outlets and an internet connection, and if you are lucky, you might even find whiteboards which you can use when brainstorming or practicing problems. If you are adept at tutoring, you can distribute fliers in the neighborhood, or you can have a tutor come to the clubhouse to help out. Another option is to send out an open invitation to the residents for quiet study during a particular day in the clubhouse. Whether the study group is a one-time thing to help you get past a particularly hard test or something ongoing that is meant to help you get through for a challenging class, the clubhouse in an apartment complex can offer a change of environment from your local library or your apartment.

3. Book club meetings

If you are an avid book reader and you enjoy discussing books with others, opt to start a book club in your apartment complex community to engage with like-minded individuals. A great location where book club meetings can be held on a regular basis is the community clubhouse. They are perfect because they have ample seating space, and you can even set up a small library if it is big enough.  Furthermore, a clubhouse is accessible to all the residents in the complex, so the book club meetings will be easier to attend. To get the word out about the meetings, ask for permission to put up several flyers on the community bulletin board you might find the clubhouse office or in common spaces of the rental units where other residents might see it.

4. Babysitting area

Using the clubhouse as a babysitting area is a great option if the community you live in is more family oriented. A babysitting program organized by the complex community is beneficial for parents who are constantly at work, or if you are trying to find ways through which your child can socialize with other children of the same age in the neighborhood. When babysitting is done in the clubhouse, you will have significantly less cleaning responsibilities since there are no playing children to make a mess, and it is a more reliable location if you intend to trade off the responsibility of babysitting between you and other parents. Work with your neighbors to come up with a babysitting plan, plan out all the responsibilities, and work out important details such as dietary restrictions. Before you get started, ensure that the community management doesn’t have an issue with the clubhouse being used as a babysitting area.

5. Make-shift cinema

Are you looking forward to the new Avengers movie to be released? What better way to get ready for the premiere than to watch all the preceding Avengers movies in a row with a few good friends from your complex? Many clubhouses in apartment complexes usually have sizeable television screens, and you can ask the community manager to help connect your Avengers DVD collection before sending out the invites for a movie night. In some apartment complexes, you may even find clubhouses that are equipped with comfortable recliners, large projection screens, and even popcorn machines! Make the most of your community clubhouse by watching a movie that most of the residents will enjoy.

6. Host events, gatherings, and parties

Most clubhouses have dedicated areas where residents can hold parties, events, and gatherings. Many clubhouses typically feature both closed and open spaces where a variety of events can be held. During the evenings, you can hold a wine tasting event in the clubhouse, and for colder seasons, you can organize a cocoa gathering where residents spend time around a fireplace and interact with each other. These events provide an opportunity for you to spend time with your fellow residents, and if you have just recently moved in, it can allow you to get to know your neighbors.

7. Recreation area

Many clubhouses usually have recreation areas or game rooms where apartment complex residents can have some fun. There are various activities that may be provided, including board games, table tennis, and cue sport such as pool and billiards among others. For a change of pace, you might be able to watch live sports games or play video games on the large screen TVs that may be provided. Many modern clubhouses often include kids play zones where your children can spend time and interact with other kids from the neighborhood.

8. Gym or workout area

Modern living is all about health and fitness, which is why many clubhouses that are found in apartment complexes often feature gym and fitness equipment. Having a gym in such close proximity is a great advantage to residents since they won’t need to go out and spend their hard earned cash on a gym membership in an effort to stay fit and healthy. Furthermore, when you have a gym within your complex, it is easier to stick to your fitness regimen.

Rules and regulations that may be imposed in a clubhouse

Even though all residents have the right to access a clubhouse within the apartment complex, there are rules and regulations in place that they are expected to follow. These stipulations typically vary from one complex to another, although there are some common guidelines that you are likely to find in most apartment complexes regarding clubhouses.

  • Pets are usually not allowed in most clubhouses
  • Residents are prohibited from smoking inside the clubhouse
  • Once an event or gathering has been completed, residents are usually required to remove food and trash from the clubhouse and for clean-up to be conducted.
  • If the furniture in the clubhouse is moved when it is in use, residents are expected to put it back in its original position. In addition to this, residents are generally not allowed to make modifications to the clubhouse.
  • In case of a party/event residents are responsible for their guests and all of their actions.
  • Residents can usually book a clubhouse in advance on a first come first served basis, although clubhouse rentals are also common.
  • Any damage that is caused to the clubhouse will be the responsibility of the resident who has booked it.
  • Before exiting a clubhouse, residents are typically required to turn off all the electronic equipment that may be present.
  • Residents are required to ensure that all the entrances to the clubhouse are closed and appropriately secured when leaving the building.

Final Thoughts

Clubhouses are slowly becoming an integral part of many residential complexes, and with good reason- they provide a great space where residents can organize and take part in a variety of activities, including book clubs, recreational activities, events, and many others. These benefits make apartment complexes with clubhouses more desirable, and as a result, such properties are considered to be more valuable.

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