Why Rent a Furnished Apartment?

When moving to a new apartment, one of our biggest hassles is the moving process. Ferrying things to a different house can be expensive, especially if your new place is in another city.

It could be in your best interests to rent an apartment that has already been stocked with the essential furnishings and appliances. However, since everyone’s situation is different, a furnished apartment may not be the way to go for you.

If you are having trouble making this decision, then this article is for you. Keep reading to find out what furnished apartments are and whether renting one is the best option for you.

What is a furnished apartment?

This is an apartment that comes stocked with appliances and furnishings that you will need to live a comfortable, normal life. This means that each room in the house should be equipped with all the essentials. Depending on how equipped it is, a furnished apartment can fall into one of three groups- furnished, fully furnished, and semi-furnished. You should note that there is no specific way to define these categories since what goes into the apartment varies.

1. Furnished apartments

These apartments are equipped with basic furniture pieces and a couple of extra things you might need. Have a look at what is usually included in a furnished apartment:

  • Living room: It will have the standard set of chairs and a table. It can have other items like a desk, a couple of light fixtures, and some paintings.
  • Kitchen: You will have a fridge and stove and you may also find a microwave. Some kitchens will also have some cooking tools like measuring cups and spatulas. Garbage disposal and a dishwasher may be available but this is not always the case.
  • Dining room: In addition to standard dining room furniture, you can find some artwork and possibly, some table mats
  • Bedroom: Here, you will find your normal bedroom items like a bed and a dresser. In some cases, the bed will come with a set of bedding but this is not a guarantee. 
  • Bathroom: you might be given a shower curtain, bath mats, and a trash can. 

2. Fully furnished apartments

These are apartments that are stocked with all the household essential items. These also come with utensils and toiletries although in some cases, the landlord will expect you to cater for your toiletries henceforth.

An apartment is fully furnished if you can walk in with just your personal belongings and easily start living there. 

Here are the items you should expect to find in the rooms of a fully furnished apartment:

  • Living room: It will have the standard set of chairs and a table. It can have other items like a desk and a bookcase. In higher-end apartments, you can get a TV, a music system, and a couple of plants.
  • Kitchen: In addition to what you would find in a furnished apartment, you will also have utensils, pots and pans, and other important kitchen tools like openers and scissors. Some apartments will offer dishcloths, glassware, and mittens. You are also going to have access to the garbage disposal and a dishwasher.
  • Dining room: You will notice there’s more than just a table and chairs. There will be table mats, napkins, and a centerpiece. There is also the chance of having a sideboard in this room.
  • Bedroom: here, you will find your normal bedroom items, and besides, you can find extra bedding, a workstation, and an alarm clock. 
  • Bathroom: Your bathroom will have all the necessary items, down to some toiletries.  Your landlord may include an extra set of towels, a hairdryer, and an electric razor.

3. Semi-furnished apartments

In these units, your landlord will give you light bulbs and fixtures, fans, kitchen cabinets, closets, and in some cases, you might get lucky and land on some living room furniture. For you to settle in a semi-furnished apartment, you will have to go out and look for a couple of essential things.

Why should I opt for a furnished apartment?

Here are some of the pros you will enjoy if you choose to move into a furnished apartment:

1. Cheaper upfront

Moving can leave a dent in your finances, especially if you are relocating to a place far from your current residence. These costs are usually for packing up furniture and other goods and transporting them to the new house.

If you opt for a furnished apartment, you have the option of keeping your items in storage, giving them out, or selling them. You could get some extra coins off of them.

Also, if you did not have furniture to start with like in the case of first-time renters, moving into a furnished apartment is in your (and your pocket’s) best interest. To furnish your house, you will need to invest a big buck since furniture isn’t cheap and this might take you a while. By getting a furnished apartment, you might have more money left to use on other things.

2. Easier to move

In addition to making moving cheaper, living in a furnished apartment makes it faster and easier. It saves you the hassle of dealing with moving companies and eliminates the risk of you losing some of your items in transit. 

If you are doing the moving by yourself or with some friends/family, they won’t have to worry about getting tired and carrying heavy furniture up the stairs. 

3. Perfect for short-term rentals

Most of the time, people looking for furnished apartments are also looking for another important option: the availability of short-term housing. These are usually individuals on business trips, students, or plain old travelers.

If you are going to be at a place for more than a couple of months, this is your best bet. Since it would not make sense to haul your belongings across the country for a few months only to transport them back, a furnished apartment would suit you well.

It would also be expensive and uneconomical to furnish an apartment at once only to stay there for a short while. 

4. The decor is already done

If you do not have an eye for design and decor, getting a furnished apartment saves you some stress. Many apartments come with artwork, house plants, throw pillows, and a lot more decoration. 

Moving into a house that has already been made ready help you feel calm in a new environment compared to an empty apartment. Although some might argue that one may not like the decor, it is possible to swap out some of the things you don’t like with decorations and items that are more your style.

5. Easier to pay bills

In most furnished apartments, the bills are all-inclusive. This means you pay for rent, water, and electricity all at once. In some apartments, this amount also includes internet and cable. 

This is a convenient way to deal with bills since you are paying them all to one person, your landlord. Also, you are sure there is no possibility of forgetting to pay any bills.

How do I get a furnished apartment?

After weighing your options and setting on furnished apartments, it is now time to find a furnished apartment that matches your style and preferences. You can search for an apartment on the internet and then speak to the person who listed it once you get their contact information.

If you are not in a position to physically see the house, you can arrange for a virtual tour and ask questions and seek clarification on anything. Here are some of the things you should know before you settle on a unit:

  • What is in the apartment? You can request the landlord to send you a list of all items in the house so you know what you need. Also, ask to know what condition the said items are in.
  • Are there extra charges? Some apartments will charge an extra fee either monthly or upon moving in to cater for the furniture. Find out from your landlord so that you can make your financial plans. You should also ask to know whether utilities are paid for together with the rent.
  • What are the lease options? If you are looking for a short-term living arrangement, make this clear with the landlord. Ask if there are flexible options you can go for that would be beneficial to the both of you.

If you are satisfied with what you find out, you can arrange for a physical viewing of the apartment. Before you do this, remember to carry a list of essential furnishings and cross-check it against the items in the house.

While at the house, do not be shy. Go through the whole house, noting if there is any furniture that is in less than perfect condition. Check on the placement of the furniture and see that people can comfortably get around the house. If it is not to your liking, you could rearrange the furniture. Before you do this, ask your landlord and go through your lease to ensure you are not in violation.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, furnished apartments can make relocation and settling a lot faster and easier. Before you make the choice, weigh your options carefully and ensure you choose an apartment that you are comfortable in since you are building a new home.

Melanie Asiba

Melanie is an author, and she enjoys traveling, reading, and trying out new things. In addition to writing for Apartment ABC.