6 Reason Why Do We Need Windows in a Room

Windows are such a common feature in homes that you may have never stopped to consider why they are necessary. We’re so used to seeing windows so much that coming across a home with windowless rooms is something that most of us can’t fathom. So why exactly do we need windows in a room?

Why do we need windows in a room?  It would help if you had windows because they let natural light into a room, which has plenty of its own benefits. Windows also offer convenience. In kitchens, they allow hot air to escape, and in bathrooms, they facilitate the escape of steam. Another reason why windows are important has to do with safety in case of an emergency. They can serve as a means of egress in case of a fire. Windows can also play a key role in your home’s energy efficiency by keeping warm air in and cold air out. Windows also enhance the visual appearance of a room and a house in general. An enhanced visual appeal can, in turn, increase the resale value of the property.

The importance of having windows

Here are some reasons why windows are an essential feature in a room:

1. Windows allow in natural light

Windows allow light from the sun into a room. Natural light has numerous benefits which can be broken down into two categories:

Benefits of natural light for a room

  • Natural light eliminates the need for artificial light during daytime – In the average building, lighting makes up a significant portion of the total energy usage and can contribute up to a third of your energy bill. Electricity is far from cheap, and having to constantly light an interior space can rack up a significant bill within a short amount of time – especially if your lighting solution isn’t energy-sufficient. Having windows will eliminate the need to light up the space using artificial lighting, consequently helping you cut back on electricity usage.
  • It can make a room seem bigger – Natural light can make a room look bigger and more open thus making it all the more inviting.
  • It helps prevent mold – Natural light can help to keep your home mildew-free. If you’ve lived in a small space or dark property with no windows, then you can attest to how lighting and ventilation affect the growth of mold or mildew. Mold thrives in the dark, so you want to ensure your space is exposed to plenty of sunlight to reduce the likelihood of the spores taking hold.

Benefits of natural light for your wellbeing

  • It improves your productivity and focus – Natural light during both the morning and evening has been proven to increase focus and concentration. If you’re feeling scattered, try looking out of your window and soaking up the sun for a couple of minutes for a boost of alertness. Having enough natural light in your space is especially crucial for your productivity if you work from a home office. A naturally lit room will help you be more productive than an artificially lit workspace.
  • It has an extraordinary effect on your psychological wellbeing – Not getting enough natural light can make you feel down and anxious. Studies have found that improved access to natural light (through windows, for example) can help to reduce levels of stress and anxiety.

Sunlight causes the human brain to produce serotonin, a hormone that can improve your mood by alleviating pain and providing energy. Sunlight also contributes to the production of endorphins, also known as the “feel-good hormone.”

  • It helps to keep your body’s natural clock on schedule – Natural light can help your body realign to the natural circadian rhythm it’s supposed to follow. Sleeping in a room with unobscured windows and waking up as the sun rises is a good habit to keep.

2. They offer convenience

Depending on their placement, windows can offer a lot of conveniences. Windows in a kitchen will permit the escape of any hot air, smoke, or odors without any hassle. Having a window in the bathroom can facilitate the release of steam, subsequently helping in drying the bathroom faster. If you want to enjoy a light breeze from outside as you read a book in the living room, a window will allow you to do just that.

3. They’re crucial for safety purposes

Windows, especially in a bedroom, are crucial for safety purposes. According to the guidelines outlined by the International Residential Code (IRC), a room must have at least two means of egress. This simply means that you should be able to access the outdoors through a door and at least one window in the event of an emergency such as a fire.

4. They can increase energy efficiency

Windows are especially useful in increasing energy efficiency in your living space during the cold winter months. The sun’s rays bring not only light but also much-needed heat – windows allow you to tap into this natural source of energy and harness it to bring your living space up to a warmer temperature, thus reducing reliance on your home’s heating system.

5. Windows can enhance the value of the property

Windows can boost the aesthetic appeal of a room and living space in general. You might not consider the windows of a property as the features that first catch someone’s eye, and you’d probably be right. They are, however, important when it comes to complementing other features of a home, including the porch, door, and even the roof. The right window design can do wonders to the aesthetic appeal of a room.

6. Windows can increase the resale value of the property

A room without windows is hard to sell. If you have a windowless room in your home, you’ll likely have to rent out or sell your property at a discounted price. Having windows will get you a relatively better price.

Also, keeping the previous point in mind, an attractive property from the outside is highly likely to bring more value to a property. When you consider the benefits of double or triple glazing windows, you can see why how your choices of windows can impact the overall value of your property.

Final thoughts

Windows are often assumed to be nothing more than a conventional requirement that each home should have, but this could not be further from the truth. Having windows in a room is important for a variety of reasons, including safety, natural lighting, energy efficiency, and aesthetic appeal to mention a few. To get the maximum benefits of having windows, consider installing high-quality types such as double glazed or triple-glazed varieties.

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