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Capain’s bed

It has become increasingly widespread for families with kids and teenagers, in particular, to invest in practical captain’s beds. You might have heard about this in-trend piece of furniture, and if so, you’re probably curious to find out just what it is. Read on to discover more about this unique type of bed. 

A captain’s bed is a platform bed with drawers, compartments, and often a bookcase headboard. This bed type is perfect for smaller bedrooms because it provides extra storage space. The compartments can be used to store clothes, blankets, toys, or anything else you need to keep out of sight. Captain’s beds typically range in price from $430 to $2,500 and come in different sizes and styles to find the perfect one for your needs.

Does a captain’s bed need a boxspring?

A captain’s bed does not need a boxspring, and this is because this type of bed features a wooden platform where you can place a mattress. A captain’s bed can be categorized as a platform bed because it combines both a foundation (either wooden slats or flat solid frames) and a frame to keep it off the ground. Like most other platform beds, captain’s beds feature wooden legs that elevate the frame. 

What size is a captain’s bed?

Captain’s bed with bookcase headboard

Before purchasing a captain’s bed, it’s essential to determine the correct size. You may have to measure the dimension of your bedroom and figure out the weight you want. There are four main sizes of this type of bed available on the market:

1. Queen size

This is one of the most popular sizes of this bed type, thanks to its decent size. The queen size can comfortably fit two adults, and it also comes with relatively spacious shelves and drawers for storage. The queen-size is considered a standard size of a captain’s bed, weighing anywhere from 500lb to 700lbs. On average, the size dimensions are 60 inches by 80 inches. Queen-size captain beds are ideal for tall individuals because they are spacious and can accommodate them comfortably without feeling cramped. 

2. Twin size

The twin-size captain’s bed is mainly targeted towards kids and teens, and as a result, many of them are fitted with drawers and shelves for storage space. The average size of this type of bed is 40 inches wide and 76 inches long. 

3. Full size 

The dimensions of a full-size captain’s bed are as follows: 54 inches by 75 inches. This bed size is best suited for a single sleeper. For couples, a full-size captain’s bed might not be ideal for a comfortable night’s sleep. However, it provides plenty of space for an individual to rest and can also fit into most rooms without making them look crowded.  

4. King size

A king-size captain’s bed is big enough to accommodate two adult sleepers and have them sleep in their own sleeping space. For example, it can also accommodate an extra sleeper, like parents co-sleeping with their little one or a pet. A king-size captain’s bed is 76 inches by 80 inches. 

What size mattress fits in a captain bed?

Since there are different sizes of captain beds available on the market, the size of mattresses will also vary. For example, for a queen-size captain’s bed, you’ll need a mattress that is 60 inches by 80 inches. Similarly, a twin-size captain’s bed requires a 40-inch by 76-inch mattress. A full-size captain’s bed is compatible with a 54-inch by 75-inch mattress, and a king-size mattress will be 76 inches and 80 inches. 

What is the difference between a captain’s bed and a storage bed

While captains beds and storage beds share several similarities, the two terms aren’t synonymous. A captain’s bed features built-in storage compartments underneath it, and many varieties also come with bookcase headboards for additional storage purposes. Although a captain’s bed is a popular choice for bedrooms that have limited space, it provides little flexibility when it comes to how you can arrange the room. That being said, these bed types offer high-quality construction and durability.

On the other hand, storage beds offer a wide variety of configurations to meet your storage demands. They are more versatile and can provide anything from under-the-bed storage to side-of-the-bed storage. Storage beds also come in a wide variety of styles and designs. 

Types of storage beds

1. Divan beds

This storage bed is made up of a divan base and mattress. The divan base is the exact dimensions of the mattress, which means you can further maximize the space available in your bedroom. 

Divan beds typically feature a wide range of storage options, ranging from drawers to ottoman storage to a combination of the two. 

2. Ottoman bed frames

These bed frames feature conveniently hidden storage where you store various personal items. They are suitable for small and large bedrooms, making them one of the best storage solutions.

Ottoman beds open up from the foot end or side so that you can find one best suited to the space available in your bedroom. These storage beds are powered by gas-lift hydraulics, which allows them to stay open once activated so that you can access your stored items with ease. 

3. Bed frames with drawers

These are any bed frames that feature drawers on either side for storage. There are different varieties available, from fabric beds to wooden bunk beds. 

Should I buy a storage bed or a captain’s bed?

When it comes to finding the ideal bed that is equipped for storage, there are a couple of things you need to keep in mind:

1. How much space do you have?

The right bed for your storing needs depends on how much room you have available. If you have a compact bedroom, you might want to consider an ottoman bed that opens upwards – that way, no additional space beside your bed is required. A twin captain’s bed might also be a good option, especially if it has drawers on one side or at the end.

2. What do you need to store?

The easiest way to keep your bedroom space free of clutter is to store your belongings underneath a bed. Before buying a storage bed or a captain’s bed, it’s essential to consider what you want to keep inside it. This is because storage beds generally have a weight restriction that informs you how much weight they can hold safely. Going above the recommended weight restriction can compromise the bed frame, and weight restrictions typically vary per manufacturer. 

3. How often do you plan to access the stored items?

You’ll also want to think about how often you wish to retrieve the items being stored before deciding what type of bed to go for. 

  • Daily basis

A captain’s bed that features drawer storage is excellent for storing everyday items. Look for bed designs that feature individual drawers that you can easily organize and access.

  • Monthly or yearly

If you plan on storing seasonal clothing or items that take up a lot of space, consider going for an ottoman storage bed. The large storage space that these beds offer is ideal for long-term and/or bulky storage.

Pros of captain beds

Captain’s bed with trundle

1. They are visually appealing

A captain’s bed is elegantly designed. These sturdy, wooden pieces of furniture can add a unique sense of style to your bedroom – depending on your preferences; you can go for traditional or contemporary designs to complement the layout of your bedroom.

2. They offer plenty of storage space

No matter how big or small your bedroom is, you could use more storage space. A captain’s bed can be extremely useful for storing things such as clothes, books, accessories, and lines for those with limited space. Even if you have plenty of room in a chest or dresser, you can use the built-in drawers underneath the captain’s bed to store items for easy access.

3. They use space efficiently 

Another noteworthy perk of having this type of bed is that it allows you to put the space in your bedroom to better use. While this is valuable for bedrooms of all sizes, it is beneficial for more compact bedrooms. The extra storage space that a captain’s bed provides may save you from buying additional furniture pieces for your bedrooms, such as a chest or dresser. Your bedroom will be a bit more spacious by sticking to one or two storage solutions.

4. Helps to create a neater bedroom

A captain’s bed can help reduce the clutter in a bedroom, creating a neater environment. Because these beds can be used for storage, you won’t need other large furniture pieces such as dressers for storage. As a result, there will be fewer surfaces for the dust to collect on. Furthermore, unlike traditional beds, a captain’s bed does not have a space underneath it, so clutter is less likely to pile up under them. 

5. They come in different sizes, shapes, and colors

These types of beds are versatile as they are available in various sizes and designs. Having different options to choose from can be helpful for those who are looking for something unique.

Cons of captain beds

Captain’s bed

1. They are costly

Depending on the size and design, captains’ beds can be quite costly. This could be attributed to the fact that they also offer storage space. However, if a captain’s bed will help you save money that would have been spent on other storage solutions, it may be worth the investment. 

2. They can be heavy and bulky

These types of beds are heavy and bulky to move, especially if they are packed full of personal items. As a result, it can be challenging to move around when cleaning or rearranging the bedroom.

3. They can difficult to transport

A captain’s bed is a solid structure, unlike beds with slatted bases that can be disassembled entirely and easily transported from one place to another. Subsequently, this bed type can be complicated to maneuver into the bedroom, depending on your property’s size, the width of stairs and/or doorways, etc. Due to the hassle of moving them, a captain’s bed may not be a good idea for apartment dwellers who move frequently.

4. Hardware issues

Another issue that you may face as the owner of a captain’s bed involves hinges, handles, or knobs eventually loosening or falling off. Over time, wear and tear can inevitably affect the functionality of some of the movable parts of your captain’s bed. However, this can be prevented by ensuring that the bed is well-maintained and fixing any problems you may come across as soon as possible.

How much weight does a captain’s bed hold?

It’s essential to be aware of the maximum weight a captain’s bed can hold before purchasing. The weight-holding capacity of each captain’s bed depends on size, materials, and sturdiness. Most manufacturers will indicate the amount of weight that the bed can comfortably accommodate. To ensure the longevity of your captain’s bed, be sure to follow the provided weight guidelines.

Generally, captains’ beds can hold 200-500 pounds of weight. Keep in mind that this weight capacity includes the weights of the bed frame, mattress, bedding, stored items, and the weight of adult people. 

How much does a captain’s bed cost?

The price of this type of bed varies based on the product size, color, and general design. On average, the price of a captain’s bed ranges anywhere from $430 to $2500. 

Final thoughts

A captain’s bed is undeniably unique. This type of bed is visually striking, but it also comes with in-built storage space, which can help save precious space in the bedroom. These beds are pretty bulky and difficult to transport, plus they are quite expensive. 

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